Important Tips for ISSB Interview

Tips but no tricks for ISSB interview

If you are looking for Important Tips for ISSB Interview then you are at right page. Because here we have shared the Important Tips for ISSB Interview. Below are the listed with its importance and complete guidance with links.

A ‘MUST’ question for ISSB interview

A simple question is asked by the interviewer, “What do you do in your spare time?

Obviously he wants to know about your daily routine. Answers will certainly differ for different candidates. Some may say’ I play hockey/cricket/football or any other physical game. A good answer. Others may be helping their parents in business or any other work making some money for their family. A very good answer.  Still another candidate may be teaching as a home tutor and making some extra bucks for his family and for himself. An excellent answer.  Another candidate likes to watch movies in his/her spare time and another likes to play games on his mobile most of the time. Worst answers.

The interviewer will most likely like the candidate who is supporting his family because he is showing a sense of responsibility (one of the qualities officers are looking for).

My suggestion is do not be shy to tell the truth, whatever you may be doing due to your adverse circumstances. Mark my words officers are down to earth soldiers and they love such people who face adverse circumstances.

Some questions associated with ISSB interview. Are they really asked?

A group of candidates are preparing for ISSB. Some are blushing a few are Embarrassed they are discussing questions on sex, which they have read or heard would be part of the interview.  These questions are in the air since decades.  A candidate comes back from ISSB and builds his own story. He cannot lie because he is the authority at that moment. And so the mystery continues. The fact is that there are no such questions asked. There is no relevancy. The mission of the officers is to check your qualities. You have the qualities or not. These questions do not serve the purpose.

I also like to add a few genius type questions. How many stairs did you climb to my office?  What is the color of my office curtains etc. etc.  Sorry, no such questions ever asked. So relax don’t blush and don’t get embarrassed.

What does the interviewer (Deputy President) know about you?

Before you appear for the interview the interviewer knows much about you. The officers have extracted much information from you. It is the form which you filled on the first day of your arrival. You have given them all the relevant information required by them.  The Deputy President has already made a sketch about you in his mind.  Your interview will be based on this information. The form is already in front of the interviewer on his table. By Shahid Khan [email protected]

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