Notary Attestation of Documents

How to notary public

What is Notary Attestation of Documents?

Notary Public means a procedure of authentication of any documents. A notary public is appointed by the government as public official in non-continuous matters to help deter fraud. Notary public can witness the signing of any important documents and verify the identity of the signer(s) and their awareness of the contents of the document or transaction. Along with notary attestation in Pakistan there is another verification which is called attestation of documents from First Class Magistrate.

Notary Attestation in Pakistan –How To Get Notarized your Documents

The Notary attestation in Pakistan is very important and common requirement for documents like affidavits, agreements, power of attorney, photocopy of birth certificate, marriage certificate, CNIC, passport and degree certificates etc. Notary attestation of documents is required in Pakistan for court matters, for submission of documents in many govt departments, and in embassies in foreign countries.

In Pakistan, many registered lawyers have been awarded license to notarize / attest photocopies after reviewing and checking the original documents and other important documents like affidavits etc. Those lawyers called Notary Public, and they charge a fee against attestation of each paper. Along with notary attestation in Pakistan there is another verification which is called attestation of documents from First Class Magistrate. This attestation is mostly required for use of documents in foreign countries.


Getting different documents notarized and attested from Pakistan sometimes become very critical, especially if a government or private authority in your country of residence requires the documents to be notarized and attested from Pakistan. In Pakistan, only a licensed Notary Public can notarize documents.

Before moving forward we would like to answer a very basic question which most of the common people have about the notary public and often ask about the meanings and authority as per the law.


Can notarization be done on the same day at Islamabad?

Yes, we can get your documents notarized on the same day, you can just call and book an appointment on any business (working) day between 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM (Pakistan Time).

Where I will have to come in Islamabad for notarization of my documents?

Our office is located in Islamabad District Courts F-8 Markaz. However, we request you to please book an appointment with us on a call to avoid any inconvenience.

Do I require to exhibit my original documents for notarization?

Yes, it is mandatory to show your original documents along with the photocopies which you want to apostle and notarized. It is a legal requirement to prevent any frauds.

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